CharChey explores the communication of sociocultural and environmental issues through the creative arts.

Charlene Shepherdson is a performance poet and​ dramaturg interested in the intersection where heritage, technology and environment meet. She uses language in written, performative and visual forms to build communities and grow voices. Her words have been published in the Straits Times and in poetry anthologies by Math Paper Press, Ethos Books and Pillow Book Media.

Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips is an environmentalist by​ day, performance poet by night and on occasion she hangs out in the control rooms of black boxes, lighting various stages. She is a founder and editor at Coffee Stained Press and has been published in their first anthology Words: Lost and Found (2016). She has performed at destination: INK and SPEAK. as a feature and was part of the production team for (Mono)play (2014) by Yellow Chair Productions and Why Do We Do What We Do (2014) and Bi(cara) (2016) by Pink Gajah Theatre.